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Welcome to Berachah Ministries
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Sisters Fasting Prayer
Every Wednesday
Bible Study from 7:30.P.M
Every Thursday
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Cottage Prayer Meetings
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Fasting Prayer- Main church 7:30 P.M
Every Second Friday
Whole Night Prayer 8:00 p.m - 4:00 a.m
28th January, 2011, at 10:30 a.m at Berachah Church, Book Dedication
Pastor Satyanarayana's Testimony Booklet Dedication On 28th January 2011
16th January, 2011 @ 04:00 PM
Request You To Kindly Pray For The Queensland Flood Victims
Year Ending and New Year Ministry News
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11th to the 16th October, 2010, (1120) Kids attended today) Praise the Lord.
Vacation Bible School (V.B.S) 11th to 16th October, 2010
Youth Retreat ON 2ND OCTOBER, 2011
Youth Retreat ON 2ND OCTOBER, 2011, at Main Church, Machilipatnam
31st December, 2011@ 08:00 PM to 04:00 AM
Watch Night Service
1st November - 30th January, 2011
Year Ending Christmas Good News Festivals in all areas of Ministry.

BERACHAH MINISTRIES, a non-Profit and faith based organization, was founded in 1979, through God given Vision, burden and strategy to reach the un-reached people groups in 10/40 window, in abundance in India, by a totally blind, Bro.B.Satyanarayana, with a holistic approach.

Bro.B.Satyanarayana has a soul winning, and church planting ministerial experience of more than 30 years and now his son, Bro.B.S.Kiran Paul, M.A, a young, committed, disciple of the Lord and having a burden for the lost souls and unprivileged poor of the nation, is taking up the yoke of the ministry, upon the Lord's calling from the year 1998.


The ministry is mainly divided into,

  1. Church Planting Ministry
  2. Evangelism and Gospel Crusades
  3. Berachah Youth Ministry
  4. B.E.E.P Training Program. (Berachah Evangelism Exposure Program)
  5. Berachah Literature Services and Christian Library.


  1. Orphanage – (Ashrayam which means The Refuge) and Widow home (Aadarana which means ‘Comfort”)
  2. Self Sustainable Groups.
  3. Berachah Slum free educating Schools
  4. Social, Medical, Disaster Relief and financial help to the poor and needy of any caste, religion and creed those approach in faith.

God saved Bro.B.Satyanarayana, coming from a Caste Brahmin, Hindu family, loved and served many Hindu Gods, learned Vedas, and even worked as a priest in the Hindu temples. He became blind gradually during his 14th year and for regaining his eye sight he had constructed many small Hindu temples in search of peace and healing, but His deeply religious activity never brought peace of mind or victory over personal sin. Disgusted With his blind and peace less life he attempted suicide by an over dose of 125 sleeping pills. After Lying unconscious for three days he had a pleasant surprise when the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to him in a vision, reveled Himself unto him, saved him and then placed a call on his life. He got baptized in the waters and obeyed the voice after a long physical and spiritual struggle. This commitment for the Lord made him an alien to his family, he is necked out of his house, rejected for his faith and was banned of relationships with any of his family members, not even pitying for this blindness.

» Church Planting & Training » Orphange & Slum Schools » Evangelism & Crusades » Old Aged & Widow Support

We are planning to build this church and orphanage and put the orphanage in the ground floor.

We plan to in take more orphan and needy children. Our goal is to adopt orphan children from the tsunami ...


When you sponsor a child through this ministry, you'll be helping that child to be connected to a local church or prayer cell. Your child will hear the gospel and be given the opportunity to trust in Jesus. Many sponsored children become... Christians and even...

Years ago I read the scripture portion in Mark 16:15, which said, “…Go into the world and preach the good news to all creations”. We took that verse literally and began preaching on street corners throughout the state. We took a small microphone and...

When Indian women are widowed--even those from the middle classes--their social and economic status is affected. Sadly, women in this situation often do not have the means or ability to find employment. They are reduced to second-class citizenship within Indian society...
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